Turbo-Guard Maxx


Developed for your High HP application. Perfect for diesels or any high boost applications. With 81% open area these things will let your turbo breath with an added peace of mind.

•Please note the Size & Color desired under “Order Notes” at Checkout!•

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Maximum Air Flow
  • Rated over @500psi
  • High Horsepower
  • High Boosted Diesel Applications
  • Street/Strip
  • Patent Pending Designs

The Stainless Steel provides Superior Protection along with NO power loss. These will also work with some velocity stacks! These fit on All Turbos!

Tested at over 100psi

DISCLAIMER: Turbo-Guard doesn’t claim to be a substitute for a cone filter. It’s simply made to fit where others don’t. This is just a quick and simple way to add some protection when you have no other choice. The One-piece design makes it easy to slide on when you need protection and easy to take off when you want to get the most out of your boosted application. Turbo-Guards are manufactured to your specifications using quality materials and craftsmanship. Turbo-Guard and Turbo-Guard Australia are not responsible for damages to property and persons resulting from the extreme conditions in which these products are used.


2.50", 2.75", 3.00", 3.25", 3.50", 3.75", 4.00", 4.50", 5.00", 5.50", 6.00"


Black, Blue, Cyan Blue (Sky Blue), Dark Purple, Grey, Red, Seafoam, Teal, White, Yellow


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