Dyno Services

At Aquadale Speed Shop we utilize a Dynocom 7500 load bearing dynamometer with an industry standard 24″ roller for the best in repeatability. Our dyno can handle 2200 horsepower and 7500 ft lbs of torque with speeds of 200+mph.

Dyno Pricing- Baseline pulls

Opt. 1

$80 – 4 pulls with a printout of horsepower and torque

Opt. 2

$100 – 4 pulls with wideband monitoring, printout of horsepower and torque with Air/fuel graph

Opt. 3

$125 – Quarter Mile simulation, 3 pulls with printout of Et and MPH. A great way to check changes in your set up.

Opt. 4

Dyno rental. This is an hourly rental of the dyno and all options it provides. You will receive wideband monitoring, loaded dyno tuning, quarter mile tuning, printouts and a dyno operator for the full time of dyno rental.

$100 an hour, two hour minimum.

$80 an hour for a four hour block.

$65 an hour for an eight hour block.

Opt. 5

Dyno Day and Car Club group rates!!

10 cars – $45 per car

15 cars – $40 per car

20 cars – $35 per car

All participants will receive a printout of horsepower and torque. On dyno days we will provide lunch for everyone!!!

Dyno Tuning

Base Tune – For vehicles with bolt ons needing a good base tune or correction for gear changes


Heads / Cam Naturally Aspirated – For vehicles with heads or cam swaps or any built naturally aspirated engine


Forced Induction / Nitrous – For vehicles with turbo chargers, any type of belt driven supercharger or nitrous power adders


Note : Aquadale Speed Shop LLC is not responsible for any damage to the vehicle while on the dyno, you will be required to sign a waiver stating that your vehicle is able to with stand being dyno tested and must be 18 years of age or with the company of a parent/guardian. Aquadale Speed Shop LLC reserves the right to turn away any vehicle we deem unsafe for dyno operation. If you have questions please email us and we can send you a dyno check list to review prior to setting up an appointment.