Pullin A.S.S. Stage 2 Camshaft


Truck Camshaft for 60hp-80hp Gains

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This cam was designed for 4.8Li, 5.3Li and 6.0Li Trucks looking to maintain low end torque and gain power across the entire RPM range. This camshaft will require a 2800-3200rpm Stall Torque Converter with a more aggressive idle. This Camshaft will gain 60hp to 80hp depending on vehicle modifications and optimal tuning.


  • Duration .050               225/230
  • Lobe Lift                        .370/.353
  • Valve Lift @ 1.7            .629/.600
  • Lobe Separation            110
  • Intake Center Line       107

*This cam will only come in a 3-bolt cam core.  If your car came from the factory with a single-bolt core, we do offer the 3-bolt upper timing sprocket and ARP cam bolt kit that will allow you to install the 3-bolt camshaft into your engine.  Cam also requires the removal of DOD/AFM and VVT, if installed from the factory.


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