Hawg A.S.S. 5.7Li/6.0Li Complete Camshaft Kit


If you want the biggest rowdiest chop camshaft, this is the camshaft for you! After such demand for our original Hawg A.S.S. Camshafts, we developed this camshaft specifically for 5.7Li and 6.0Li engines with cathedral port heads. This camshaft LOVES nitrous and boost! This camshaft requires at least a 3,000rpm stall torque converter.


  • Duration .050               232/238
  • Lobe Lift                        .370/.353
  • Valve Lift @ 1.7            .629/.600
  • Lobe Separation            109
  • Intake Center Line       106

This Complete Camshaft Kit Includes all the basic components to install this camshaft:

  • TSP Dual 660 Spring Kit
  • Hardened Push Rods
  • Timing Cover Gasket
  • Waterpump Gasket
  • Font Main Seal
  • GM Harmonic Balancer Bolt

Dual 660 Spring Kit Features:

The all new polished TSP .660″ spring kit featuring PAC valve springs is the newest offering in valve spring technology offering the latest processes and material for maximum spring life.  PAC Racing is a leader in valve spring technology, so it was only natural to team up with the best in the valve spring industry for our latest offering in a valve spring kit!  We have developed a .660″ dual spring kit with the help of PAC Racing that still offers excellent valvetrain control, even for the more aggressive hydraulic roller camshafts.  These valve springs will offer excellent durability and stability and will work well with factory-style lifters.  PAC polishes the valve springs, which helps to increase the overall life of the springs.  This greatly reduces the chances of spring fatigue and failure.  PAC’s polishing process is completed without losing any pressure in the valve springs, so you maintain all of the capabilities of the non-polished version.

Dual 660 Spring Specs:
Install Height:   1.810″
Closed Spring Pressure: 160 lb. @ 1.810″ Installed Height
Open Spring Pressure:  415 lb. @ .660″ lift
Maximum Spring Lift: .660″
Coil Bind 1.015″

*This cam will only come in a 3-bolt cam core.  If your car came from the factory with a single-bolt core, we do offer the 3-bolt upper timing sprocket and ARP cam bolt kit that will allow you to install the 3-bolt camshaft into your engine.  Cam also requires the removal of DOD/AFM and VVT, if installed from the factory.




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