Performance Dyno Tuning

Adam utilizes HPTuners, TunerCats, and SCT to tune many GM and Ford applications, although other applications may be covered; let Adam know your specific needs.

00dynographGM Dyno Tuning Pricing


Base Tune – For vehicles with bolt ons needing a good base tune or correction for gear changes

        – $400

Heads / Cam Naturally Aspirated – For vehicles with heads or cam swaps or any built naturally aspirated engine

        – $500

Forced Induction / Nitrous – For vehicles with turbo chargers, any type of belt driven supercharger or nitrous power adders

        – $600

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    Adam’s approach to tuning ins’t just strapping your vehicle on the dyno and making wide open throttle pulls making adjustments, he utilizes a load bearing dyno to simulate road scenarios as well as actually road testing to tune your vehicle from cold starts, hot starts, idle all the way to a safe redline! Not only will you make more power, but you will have a tame smooth running vehicle all through out the power band!

    If at anytime you purchase a Base Tune and upgrade to a Heads / Cam package or upgrade to a Forced Induction / Nitrous set up you will only be charged the difference in tuning as long as its the same vehicle!! In some cases there will be a charge for dyno time depending on the extensiveness of upgrades / set up.